Healthy Things Grow Seminar at Evensong Spa

Saturday, January 26; 9AM - 12PM

Healthy Things Grow
Building Flourishing Relationships
Saturday, January 26, 2019
9:00 – Tea/Coffee & Mingle
9:30 – 11:45 a.m. 
Do you have a compassionate relationship with yourself?

Are you practicing mindful listening and communication in your personal and professional relationships?

Are you in a co-dependent relationship with a friend? Partner? Child? 
Do you fight “against” or “for” your relationship?

Do you want to improve the intimacy and happiness in your relationships?

In this workshop, Sahnya will share practical tools for building healthy flourishing relationships in the workplace and at home. You will be introduced to the four habits of a toxic relationship and how to get unstuck and nourish wholesome daily habits. 

Sahnya’s style is “practical, fun, deep, and wise with a touch of humor and meaningful storytelling.” She will guide you in fun easy to learn interpersonal skills, mindful listening exercises, and how to recognize and free yourself from triggers, punishment, and feeling like you are “walking on eggshells.” You will learn these tools in a safe, supportive, and compassionate learning environment at Evensong Spa. 

You will also learn how to:
·     Identify a co-dependent relationship and free yourself
·     Mindfully listen and communicate building “spaciousness” vs. “contraction”
- Ask better questions
·     Plan weekly “connection dates” with yourself and loved ones
·     Practice emotional intelligence (EQ) to reduce pain and suffering
·     Build healthy boundaries without feeling selfish or guilty
·     Plant the seeds of higher-level emotions like gratitude, empathy, and generosity – HEALTHY THINGS GROW!

“Quality of life is a wonderful goal, but it can’t happen without working on the quality of our moments as they unfold. This requires daily discipline. That’s why I teach easily applied power tools to train attention, stress reactivity, and stress recovery with immediate felt results.” Sahnya Thom

Please bring: notebook/journal, pillow/cushion, and dress layered and comfortable. You are welcome to bring a blanket, too. 

“I absolutely LOVED this session with Sahnya! She was SO great! I loved everything about her session. Her delivery, her info, her tips on how to incorporate meditation immediately into my life, her stories, her wisdom, her sense of humor. I liked so much about this retreat but Sahnya’s workshop was THE BEST!” – Attendee at Breast Cancer Recovery Retreat/Conference March 2017
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